June 7, 2019 staticcity


Due to some unfortunate technical issues, our old blog had to be deleted. But one door closes and our new blog opens it’s doors – bigger and better than ever!

We plan to bring you the tracklists from every pack we put on our Record Pool Exchange, plus free music & video packs, and new music and hardware reviews!

In case you don’t know, our Record Pool Exchange was set up by 2 DJs back in 2010, who were sick of having to pay $30 per month out, to 5 or 6 different record pools, totalling just under $200 per month!

So they decided to put a site together, that gives it’s members packs from every major record pool out there – for just $25 per month!

This is about the DJs, and saving them money. This is not about the music industry or the big record pools. None of them support the DJs! It’s frankly a disgrace that DJs have to pay at all for music – but we give them some power back!

So join the movement today for instant access! SIGN UP

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